Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Progressive Blackjack

Default wager total is always active and there are no wagers and cards on the table when first start blackjacks progressive game.

Now you think how several hands and wagers you want to take part in and finally on the table place your wagers. Select a coin to place wager on any bets of these and click the left snap of the mouse to increase and right to decrease of bet circle.

Online Progressive Blackjack Play

  1. At the time of flashing of progressive bet slots you can set a bet of progress. You believe that, you place progressive bet slot in the time of the bet of the other played hands and it is not flashing.
  2. After completing your wagers placing and by clicking on DEAL button you can begin the game.
  3. Two cards will be deal by the dealer at the position of each player and it has wager and the player's deals the cards of the dealer. One card the dealer will remain face down and others are turn up the face.
  4. You can use the STAND and HIT buttons only when last card is dealt face up. Now player decides to STAND or HIT.
  5. It will appropriate when DOUBLE and SPLIT buttons and the box of INSURANCE are available. When you decide to DOUBLE or SPLIT then you will able to STAND or HIT. You will be able to DOUBLE, STAND, SLIT and HIT when you will take decision to purchase INSURANCE.
  6. It will be a natural and automatically game if next hand is available and contains a 10 or Ace and face cards then you have blackjack.
  7. If exceeds the point of your hand 21 then BUST have been gone by you and this hand have been lost by you and play moves automatically to the available next hand .
  8. After completed the players hand the hand of dealer is played out.
  9. Losses or wins will compared and your account of casino balance is adjusted after completing dealers hand and yours hand.
  10. Click REBET button and after that to the DEAL button to play the game again.

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