Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.


Pontoon is a common blackjack version of most of the online casinos and there are some land based traditional casinos, where this version of blackjack is really popular. You can learn the game easily because most of the rules of the game are same as the original blackjack. Retain is the birth place of this version but now this game has a huge popularity in the gaming market. All the rules are same as the original but there are some differences in some rules so you have to learn those differences to play the game.

You have to play the game with 8 decks and that means the blackjack table will have a large number of cards and large number of cards can be the worst case for some times. For pontoon blackjack, the 2 cards for dealer always been face down then in the normal blackjack only one card become face down so never be astonished if you have seen this. You also have to learn about other changes of the game and that are given below:

Terms of Pontoon Blackjack

  • Twist means Hit
  • Stick means Stand
  • Buy means Double Down (Double down is possible if you have 2 to 4 cards in your hand and you can also twist after calling the double down what is not possible for normal blackjack.)
  • Pontoon means Blackjack

Rules of Pontoon Blackjack

  1. Splitting of two cards is possible if you even have 10 valued cards or different valued cards on your hand.
  2. When you split the aces and then hit the pontoon then you will get payment as 1:1 not the normal 2:1.
  3. After splitting the aces, you have to get a single card only and after that you have to stick, there is no other option.
  4. If you have the tie with a dealer, then the dealer will win and you can not call the push or other.
  5. If you have 5 cards without busting then you will win unless the dealer has the pontoon. If the dealer has 20 point with 2 or 3 cards and you have 18 or 19 with 5 cards then you will win the round and the payout will be 2:1.
  6. You can get 2 to 4 cards when you buy and there is only one chance to buy in every round.
  7. Dealer has to twist every time on the soft 17.
  8. Calling the surrender is only possible if the dealer shows a face card or ace.

Dealer will not start playing until other players are ok with their hands. Using card counting strategy is a foolish effort for pontoon blackjack. If you can play correctly with the standard strategy of blackjack then the house edge can be down to the 1% or less.

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