Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Parlay Betting System

In blackjack, Parlay can be used as an effective betting system. In this betting system, you have to bet your 100% winnings on every round as the progressive bet. This system is based on the positive progressive strategy; this betting system is totally opposite to Martingale betting system. Let-it-ride is another popular name of parlay betting system. You have to get a large amount to use this betting system, this is a safer betting system comparing with other and if your luck serve you well then it will be really beneficial.

How this Betting System really Works

This system works on the positive progression, if you win a game, then your next betting amount will be the winning amount of last round and this is the base theory of this system. So, if you win constantly then your betting amount will also increase per round and for this cause this betting system is known as the pyramid betting system.

As an example, if you are playing blackjack with the amount $1000 and you start with $1 betting amount. if you win $2 will your next round betting amount and if you win again then $4 will be your next betting amount and double your betting amount every time unless you lose. If you lose a round with $8 betting amount then do not increase or decrease your betting amount unless you have win the next round. The increasing amount for parlay can be decided by you. You can double or use a fraction to increase your betting amount every winning round.

Can you use this betting system in blackjack?

This is a similar betting system like the Paroli and if you lose a round then you have to keep the betting amount constant unless you win and if you win then double or increase your betting amount for the next round and for this cause this is one of the safest betting system to play any game specially the blackjack. This system will make your winnings higher every round you play the game.

You have to know about the stopping point for the betting system, whenever you use this system; you have to fix an amount that will be the amount, where after reaching the amount you have to restart the system from the beginning. This will be amount that is high enough to win and then you must come back to your starting betting amount and again follow the same rules. This system will need extra bank roll to continue so if you have small amount then never use this system unless you will lose all your money in a shortest period of time.

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