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Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Labouchere Betting System

This betting system has many versions to use in the casino games and you have to use a number series to use the betting system in the game. Suppose the series can 1 1 2 2 3 3. You have to work with the length of the series and the length can be long or short and that will be your choice. You have to set the number series depending on the game playing rules and the winning odds of the game and the betting amount also has great pressure on the number series.

How the System Works

Every number of the series will represent the value of units to the bets. You can bet with the 1st and last number of the series so 1 and 3 that means 4 units total. When you win, then you have to cross out two numbers and then bet the next 2 ends of the series and continue. After winning again you have to bet with the remaining numbers and if you win the next round too then you have to complete the circle and start from the beginning of the series.

When you lose, you have to add 1 number at the end of your number series and if you lose the 1st bet for 4 then you have to add 4 to your number series and then your next bet will be 5 (1+4), but if you win the 1st bet but lose the 2nd bet then you have to rearrange the number series by deleting the 1st number of the series and then go on with other numbers of the series with the last rule to play a lose bet. in this betting system, when a circle is completed then you can find out that after completing every circle there will be a profit and that is the spatiality of this betting system.

Changes in the rules

There are some changes of the original Labouchere system by some users of the system. One change is that, when you win a round you have to add a number in the last position of the series but if you lose then delete 2 outside numbers of the series. You have to fix a winning amount for each circle and for every bet you have to know what your ultimate goal is. After getting the goal of a series stop and use another series and you have to fix how many bets you want to place per series.

This is a really useful betting system and so far you can see, there is no lose in this betting system. So if you use this betting system and complete each circle using the rules appropriately then there will be only winnings in the end no lose, so become the master of this betting system before using it in the real game and win a lot.

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