Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Chinese Blackjack - Diversify Your Life

The Chinese Blackjack is one of the popular blackjack game variations. It is known as 21-point, Ban-Luck and Kampung. The game is extremely popular and often played in Asia.

The Chinese blackjack plays with 1 or 2 decks of cards, each containing 52 cards. There are no any restrictions about the number of gamblers allowed to play the game. The dealer's role differs from the other blackjack variations rules. As initially the game was played in the family and friends circle, it wasn't convenient to be the dealer, as his/her rights in the game are limited. So, the croupier in the game can place the bets, reveal gambler's hands and hit in any time and conditions.

Chinese Blackjack Rules

  1. The players and the dealer should reach minimum 16 points (if you don't do this you pay the penalty to each player at the table).
  2. There is a limit of dealt cards - only 5.
  3. The all players' hands are face down, but it is allowed to show one of the cards to other players.
  4. There exists a "burn rule". The gambler who receive two initial cards with the total score of 15 points, have the opportunity to draw the new cards set with doubling their initial wager.
  5. The blackjack combination (an Ace and any of the face cards or 10s) is paid 2:1.
    • Among special winning promotions are:
    • Any hand to 21 points pays 1:2 (but without exceeding 5 cards).
    • If the combination of 5 cards doesn't bust, it is paid 1:2.
    • unbusted cards and 21 points are paid 1:3.
    • Double Ace 21 is paid 1:3.
  6. Paired cards have no winning privileges.
  7. The last who plays is the dealer.

Card Values

  • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King) - 10 points
  • 2s-10s - according to their face value
  • An Ace (the total card number is 2) - 11 or 10
  • An Ace (total card number is 3) - 10 or 1
  • An Ace (total card number is 4) - 1 point.

Chinese Blackjack Special Combinations

Ban-Ban (Ace and Ace) - the winning combinations paid in triple amount.

Ban Luck (Ace and Jack, or Queen, or King, or 10) - the winner receives the double wager.

15 points. If the gambler has a free hand, he/she has the right to choose to continue playing or stop with the result.

Pairs. A pair is paid doubled wager.

7-7-7. in this case the gambler wins his wager 21 fold.

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