Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Card Values

For the last few centuries this game was the most popular card game and in the current situation this is one of the popular games of both online and land based traditional casinos. In blackjack, all 52 cards are used to play without the joker cards; they have no value in blackjack. You have to know each card of the deck to have a good result in the game.

Blackjack Playing Rules

The main rules to jugar blackjack (play) blackjack that you have to get a total hand point of 21 to win and you will play against the dealer only other players are no concern for you. If you have point less than 21 but higher than the dealer point then you will win.

If you and dealer have the same points then the dealer will win but if both have blackjack then that will be a draw and if you have natural blackjack of spades jack and ace and the dealer also get blackjack but not natural then you will win the game, If you get point over 21 then that will be called as the BUST and you will lose whether the dealer BUST or not.

Card Values

Blackjack has its own card values for the 52 cards.

Cards from 2-10 have their own face values and the face cards jack, king, queen have the values of 10 points and the aces have the values 1 or 11 based on you hand cards.

You have to gain the 21 point or closer to it by using at least 2 cards but the number of cards can be anything. If you have less point then you can hit for another card and dealer will deal another card to you. You can hit unless you have the BUST, so always keep in mind that if you BUST you will lose for any point of the dealer.

If you have a hand point over 10 and then you have an ace and at that time the point of ace will be 1 because if the point is 11 then you will BUST and this is known as hard hand but if you have the point less or equal to 10 then the point of ace will 1 or 11 whatever you want and that is known as soft hand. your goal in the game is gaining the 21 point or near 21 like 19,20 without busting your hand and if you get that point and have a hand point over dealer's hand point then you will win and the usual payout will be 2:1.

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