Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Basic Blackjack Rules: Play the Game Properly

Blackjack or 21-game is the most popular casino card table game in the world. On the first stages of the blackjack history, the winning combination was the hand of an Ace and Jack of spades, that's why the modern game is called so. The main goal of the game is to receive 21-point score and beat the blackjack dealer. The rules of the game can vary from casino to casino, so it is necessary to check them attentively before playing any of the game variations.

Blackjack Game: Equipment

  • The blackjack game is usually played with 52-card deck.
  • Most casinos use several decks in a game (Shoe) in order to speed the play and to avoid card counting.
  • The deck's number depends on the casino - from 1 to 8.
  • The frequency of the reshuffling procedure differs from casino to casino too (the main aim is to decrease card counting cases).
  • The game is played at the special casino table, with the special place for the croupier and separate areas for each gambler (the highest amount of players is 8).
  • The limits of the wagers are signed at the table, and some important rules can be printed there.
  • The player buys the chips in the banker right at the playing table. The chips denominations are the following:

Blackjack Game: Winning and Betting

The wagers are placed to the special box or circle at the table. The amount of minimum and maximum wagers is marked there. Each gambler decides before the game what bet to place.

The results of the hands are the following:

  • Lose - the croupier takes the gambler's wager.
  • Win - the gambler wins the equal amount of his bet.
  • Natural Blackjack - the gambler wins the 1.5 times the wager.
  • Push - the draw hand. None wins or loses money.

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