Bright Ideas on how to win playing blackjack.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

Useful Information about blackjack odds and house advantage.

The Best Blackjack Odds and Recommendations

To win blackjack game and be the successful player it is necessary:

  1. To know basic rules.
  2. To know and understand the basic strategy.
  3. To know the game odds.

The knowledge of the best blackjack odds helps gamblers to place proper bets in different situations. The only information they possess doing this is the composition of the deck and the cards that were played.

The Best Blackjack Odds

Using the blackjack basic strategy, it is possible to get the 45% edge in the long run game. If the player doesn't use the strategy, the casino advantage grows on 5%. Insurance option brings about 7%, and it is strongly recommended to avoid it always.

In recent times the rule "the banker stands on soft 17" was changed to "the banker hits 17". This change helps to increase the casino advantage up to 66%. The surrender, chosen by the player decreases the house edge on 35%.

Important Data to Know

  • Blackjack game variations provide players with more favorable odds.
  • Remember, that playing blackjack with 48-card Spanish deck (without 10s) favors the gamblers.
  • The odds paid for the blackjack combination differ depending on the casino. It is usually paid 3:2.
  • In the Face Up 21 blackjack variation, the winning 21 hand is paid even money, but the player's blackjack always wins.
  • Double Expose variant is convenient as both player's and dealer's hands are face up.
  • Blackjack Switch with the casino advantage only 0.17%.
  • Many casinos offer the gamblers to play the single-deck blackjack. It may seem very attractive and convenient to you, but pay special attention, that the blackjack payout is only 6:5. It is very small payment.
  • To be a successful blackjack player, try not to bust often, be attentive while making your decisions.
  • Never mimic the banker and don't follow his game strategy.

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